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NAU Tuition Advantage
Bachelor's Degree
Program Example

(except nursing clinical core and military students) Example of 180 Credit Hour Bachelor's Degree Program - The majority of courses are 4.5 credit hours
Regular Tuition for 1
course only (4.5 credits)

Not an option for international students (All international students have to be enrolled in a full-time status/at least 12 credits)
Track 1

3 courses per quarter (13.5 credits)
Track 2

4 courses per quarter (18 credits)
Track 3

5 courses per quarter (22.5 credits)
Track 4

6 courses per quarter (27 credits)
Tuition Per Quarter$1,900$5,000$5,000$5,000$5,000
Total Tuition (as of 3/1/17)$76,000$70,000$50,000$40,000$35,000
Quarters to Complete Program (approximate)141087
Months to Complete Program (approximate)42302421
Number of years3.52.521.75
Tuition Reduction (compared to Regular tuition)7.89%34.21%47.37%53.95%
Time Reduction (compared to Track 1)28.60%42.90%50%
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National American University is accredited by the
Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500,
Chicago, IL, 60604,, (800) 621-7440.

Several programs are also separately accredited or approved
by national educational and professional associations.

Available for eligible students.  Course restrictions may apply.  Time to complete a program is determined on credit hours earned per quarter. Tuition includes technology fee. Tuition excludes textbooks, some specialty course fees and other supplies. Rates subject to change. Partial quarters and/or months will always round up.

How do tuition and program length calculations work?
90 Credit Hours ÷ 4.5 Credit Hours = 20 quarters
20 quarters x $1900 = $38,000
20 quarters x 3 months per quarter = 60 months

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